Markov Chain Monte Carlo

Short-Run MCMC Residual Network toward Energy Based Model

Non-convergent non-persistent short-run MCMC residual network beats VAE and GAN for image synthesis, interpolation, and reconstruction

Generative Recurrent Language Models with MCMC Inference

Utilizes image parsing to text description framework that generates text descriptions based on understanding of image and video content

Masters Thesis in Generative Modeling in Vision and Language

Thesis for Computer Science Masters program currently in progress under my advisor Dr. Song-Chun Zhu at UCLA

Exact Sampling with Coupled Markov Chains and Swendsen-Wang Cluster Sampling of the Ising Model

Convergence analysis of exact sampling with Gibbs sampler and coupled Markov chains vs. cluster sampling with Swendsen-Wang algorithm

Importance Sampling and Effective Number of Samples

Estimating the number of self-avoiding walks with importance sampling and effective sample size